WILD HORSES Release Day!

I’m so happy this one is now available! You can find it at Phaze Books in various ebook formats as well as print (print also contains my novella NEAR TO YOU). It’ll be at other sellers shortly.

I thought it would be fun to answer some random reader questions that I haven’t, in fact, been asked yet, but seemed like they could be. (Most reveal I have the finesse of a spaz.)

1. Were YOU ever stepped on by a horse?
Yes! Um…three times so far. Nothing broken but it is PAINFUL. Especially when the horse won’t move but just stands there, like your foot is comfortable to stand on.

2. Were YOU ever almost run down by a horse?
Yes! A few times. I’ve had to stand in doorwarys and block paths so they don’t run in particular places. It’s rather scary.

3. Were YOU ever dragged down a hill by a horse?
No, because I had the sense to let go of the lead immediately when in the field. They are pretty damn fast.

4. English or Western?
I spent a lot of time at a Western farm now but I was raised English.  😉

5. When does SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL come out? (Bonus totally non-horse related question.)
Not for a while yet. Tash’s story is still forming in my head. Hopefully by the end of the year! I’m excited to get to this one.

Here’s the link to Wild Horses: http://phaze.com/book.php?title=Wild+Horses Coming to other sellers soon!

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