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Freebies! Discounts! And NEWS!

First, Near to You–my debut contemp erotic romance novella–is temporarily FREE on Amazon. Now through Friday, you can download it freely. Head here. For the next few months it’s exclusively on Amazon–sorry about that, but it’s the only way I could do the freebie through them.

Next!  The first Stirling Falls book, Wild Horses, is temporarily FREE on AllRomanceeBooks. This will only be for a short while to promote Sympathy for the Devil, which is discounted by 25% at ARe as well.

Finally, I’m just about done Cats in Heat (Cats & Conjure #1)–it’ll be to my editor by the end of the week. I’m aiming for an October 25th release date. When it’s up for preorder, I’ll post.

Well, it’s been a crazy busy few days, and now it’s back to work for me. I hope you pick up some freebies and, if you think about it, please spread the word to your friends!


Updated Buy Links + Freebie

Okay I’ve spent the past two days getting everything re-uploaded to resellers and then updating all the buy links.

At the moment everything (nearly; more in a second) is available at Kindle, AllRomanceeBooks, and Smashwords. Within the next couple of weeks the books will be on B&N, Kobo, and others (in some cases for the first time). The links on the left sidebar go to Amazon as that’s where most of my sales are, however, on the individual book pages you’ll find more links to where things are for sale.

If you haven’t read this post yet, please do so, as it explains (sort of) what’s up. I am so, so sorry for any inconvenience but from here on out, everything should be smooth.

Temporarily, Amazon reader reviews and the like are gone. I expect they’ll return in the next few weeks. In the meantime, I’ve made notes on all the pages explaining that the books are previously published so hopefully there is no confusion.  For the moment, all the prices are the same as they were previously while I get a handle on things.

And, as thanks for your support, my first novella Near to You will be temporarily FREE on Amazon! Stay tuned for details.

Changes in the Works

I’ve already had a dozen emails and some tweets about it, so it seemed time to blog. Yes, my books are down from the publisher’s website. This is because I’m no longer with a publisher.

I am waiting for the books to come down from the resellers like Amazon, which will hopefully be soon, and then I can re-release everything (and change my blog links/have my webmistress change my website links). The books will look the same–I’m the cover artist, after all, and I’ve re-purchased all the stock images so I can continue using them–and the content will mostly be the same (although this affords me the opportunity to clean up any typos), and while I work things out on my own, prices will likely remain the same (although I’m planning a freebie deal with one book).

I don’t like talking about the business side of things, so I won’t, but here is what this means for my readers:

  • Books will be longer. Here’s the thing: publishers control the prices of their books and they price according to length. A $2.99 book by a brand new author has a better chance of selling than a $3.99 book by a brand new author in most cases, so I used to write to a particular length to keep in that $2.99 price range. Now I can write something double that length and sell it for a lower price. ($2.99 will still likely be the lowest aside from when I do random deals–I’m sorry, but lower than that and Amazon drastically lowers the cut I get, and I write to feed my family.) There is a chance I might take a book like How Can You Mend a Broken Heart? and rewrite it as a category-length novel but this is still in the early planning stages.
  • There will be sales and deals. I will control the price, so I can have sales, freebies, etc.
  • Print books will be delayed. It’s my intent to write more print-length books however they might not simultaneously release with the ebooks. I have to decide on a printer and distribution, and it’s all an extra cost that’s a bit risky for me right now. (If you want Wild Horses or Sympathy for the Devil in print, now’s the time to get them.)
  • This could mean more books or fewer books. Right now, I don’t know. I’ve talked before about what a huge issue piracy is for me. Last year I put out Somebody to Love by myself and it sold less than 10% of what my publisher-backed books did but it was pirated just as much. It was six months before I made back what I spent on editing and stock photos.  I’ll be making a higher percentage now putting out books myself, however I don’t know how they will sell. It’s simple: if the books do well, I can afford to write and release more; if they don’t, this might be it for me. Supporting my family comes first.

I won’t lie: I am terribly nervous. But I have wonderful readers and I hope you’ll lend me support as I take this new road on the wild ride of publishing.

Final news: Cats in Heat is nearing its conclusion! It’s the first in a series of PNR novellas that follow the same couple. I’m looking to release it toward the end of October and I’ll likely try out Smashwords’ new preorder feature to see how that works. I also have a new contemp rom-com in progress called The Book of Love and still plugging away at I Who Have Nothing.  Details to come!