Updated Buy Links + Freebie

Okay I’ve spent the past two days getting everything re-uploaded to resellers and then updating all the buy links.

At the moment everything (nearly; more in a second) is available at Kindle, AllRomanceeBooks, and Smashwords. Within the next couple of weeks the books will be on B&N, Kobo, and others (in some cases for the first time). The links on the left sidebar go to Amazon as that’s where most of my sales are, however, on the individual book pages you’ll find more links to where things are for sale.

If you haven’t read this post yet, please do so, as it explains (sort of) what’s up. I am so, so sorry for any inconvenience but from here on out, everything should be smooth.

Temporarily, Amazon reader reviews and the like are gone. I expect they’ll return in the next few weeks. In the meantime, I’ve made notes on all the pages explaining that the books are previously published so hopefully there is no confusion.  For the moment, all the prices are the same as they were previously while I get a handle on things.

And, as thanks for your support, my first novella Near to You will be temporarily FREE on Amazon! Stay tuned for details.

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Asha King likes good-looking men and hot books, and often strives to combine the two in contemporary, paranormal, and suspenseful romantic stories. She lives in the exotic land of Alberta, Canada, where she doesn’t ride a polar bear to work but does drink vast amounts of locally brewed beer and watches hockey.

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