Preorder: CATS IN HEAT

On October 25th my new interracial paranormal romance novella, Cats in Heat, will release. Right now you can preorder it at a few locations and it’ll be delivered to you on that date.

Cats in Heat is the first in my Cats & Conjure series. It follows the same couple, Addie Deveraux and Erik Wells, for three (or maybe four) novellas as their love is tested by danger at every turn.

Right now, those are the primary sites that do preorder but on October 25th, the book will be on Kindle, Smashwords, and other places for sale.

Adelaide Deveraux lives a quiet life in the country, never quite fitting in with other people and preferring her spare time spent caring for the various stray cats in the area. But late one Friday night, a feline of a much larger persuasion shows up at her door, shifting into a very injured—and very naked—human man in need of help.

Erik Wells has been on the run his whole life: from the people who killed his parents when he was a boy, from a group determined to exterminate his own kind, and now from the underground gladiator ring who abduct shifters and have them fight to the death for entertainment. And he needs to keep running, but something about Addie draws him to her home and her care.
The tiger in him senses it: there’s more to Addie than apparent at first glance—more to her knack for working with roots and herbs; more to her prophetic dreams; more to the secrets buried in her family history. But if she is who he thinks she is, the danger’s just beginning, as the powerful man responsible for keeping Erik captive for so long will stop at nothing to obtain her for his own. 
About Asha King

Asha King likes good-looking men and hot books, and often strives to combine the two in contemporary, paranormal, and suspenseful romantic stories. She lives in the exotic land of Alberta, Canada, where she doesn’t ride a polar bear to work but does drink vast amounts of locally brewed beer and watches hockey.

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