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New Release Mailing List

I’ve just put together a mailing list to announce new releases using Google Groups. Head here to apply to join:!forum/asha-king-new-releases

Don’t have a G+ account? No problem–all you need is an email address. Send an email to and you’ll be signed up.

You’ll notice there are no message yet–again, this will be NEW RELEASES ONLY. No other emails clogging up your inbox. In the new release email, I’ll also include coupon codes for Smashwords, current freebies and/or deals, and that kind of thing.

I am hoping to have a new release every six to eight weeks, though it’ll depend on how long it takes me to write things and on my editor’s schedule. If you don’t follow me on Twitter or Facebook (or even if you do!), that’s the place to keep up to date.

That’s it for now. I’m about halfway through Cat Scratch Fever and I’m hoping to have an announcement about that release date sometime next week (I’m aiming for mid-December), and to get everything to my webmistress to update the main site. After that I have to decide what to work on, whether to finish up I Who Have Nothing (which is STILL giving me fits), or choosing between a pair of other contemp rom-suspenses. Details when I have them!

What I’m Working On & Other Updates

Cats in Heat came out a week and a half ago. Some readers so far seemed to like it and sales are trickling in, so I’m working on the next in the series, Cat Scratch Fever. I’m hoping to get this done and up for preorder by the end of the month.

As I’ve said…pretty much everywhere, this is a series that follows the same couple from novella to novella. The endings aren’t cliffhangers per se, but I leave threads to pick up with the next one. This form of serialized storytelling really appeals to me as I like traditional paranormal romance and urban fantasy books that utilize it, so I thought I’d give it a try.

I am not attempting to just “piecemeal” together a larger story out of tiny bits–each novella is 100 pages or more, so a substantial chunk of story with forward plot movement and a conclusion. There will be three to four of them, and I’m aiming to get one out every two months or so, with a “boxset” of all of them perhaps by next summer. If you want to wait until that time to check it out, I completely understand and I hope you enjoy the stories when you get to them.

For those still complaining about the length of my older books from last year, I hear you. And I’m sorry. As I’ve explained, writing for a publisher meant writing to a certain length to keep in a lower price range. I could spend time right now going back and revising all of those stories to add to the total word count, or I could write new books for you. I’m choosing the latter, and as I’ve said, my new situation means I can write longer works and keep lower prices on them. Writing to complain to me about the older novellas doesn’t fix anything (it just makes me feel badly and therefore harder to work on new things).

Finally, I do not have news for you about I Who Have Nothing. The book isn’t ready yet. I will update here when I have something new to say. I also keep getting emails about this, and yes, I know, I am no longer listed on the publisher’s website. This is because I am no longer with them but releasing books on my own.  I promise I will blog as soon as I have further information about release dates and the like.

As always, thank you for reading, and I appreciate the support. It’s back to work on Addie and Erik for me…