New Site + New(ish) Releases

If you’re a regular visitor, you may have noticed things are a bit different. I’m no longer at blogspot but have a new website. All the previous posts have been copied over. There are still some kinks to work out but this is it! I hope you like it and find it easy to navigate; I’m quite pleased with it.

My newest release came out a few weeks ago–a full-length novel called THE BOOK OF LOVE about a cranky divorced romance writer and his determined new editor. It was a lot of fun to write and thus far readers seem to enjoy it, which is always a relief.

On July 10, the first Midsummer Suspense Tales boxset will be released–CINDERS, BEAUTY, and SNOW have been collected all as one. It’s available for pre-order at: KindleAReNookKoboiBookstore

AK-StarterBundle1-kindleAfter that, on August 14, I’m releasing the Asha King Starter Bundle as another boxset–this is three of my series first books collected together in one release. Not something the average fan needs but hopefully it’ll get some new eyes on my work. If you’ve missed those books and want to save several bucks, there you go. WILD HORSES (retail $3.99), CATS IN HEAT (retail $2.99), and CINDERS (retail $2.99) for $4.99 total.

Release Date: Aguust 14, 2015
Genre: IR (bwwm) romantic suspense and paranormal romance
Length: a novel and two long novellas (117K words or 355 pages)
Series: Stirling Falls, Cats & Conjure, Midsummer Suspense
Format: ebook



What I’m Working On

As I mentioned on Facebook the other night, I’m working on Cats & Conjure #3 right now, STRAY CAT STRUT. It has a blurb, a cover, and an outline, and now I just need to finish writing it.

There are three more novellas planned in that series (you will understand when you see how #3 ends), however I will have to stagger the books between others because the previous one didn’t sell well and I can’t afford to spend that much time away from books that DO make okay money. Thank you to those who purchase my books and I’m sorry for the gap between releases. When STRAY CAT STRUT is ready, I’ll maybe write up a recap of the previous two for longtime readers as a refresher.

It’s back to work for me. Thank you again for the suppotr!

About Asha King

Asha King likes good-looking men and hot books, and often strives to combine the two in contemporary, paranormal, and suspenseful romantic stories. She lives in the exotic land of Alberta, Canada, where she doesn’t ride a polar bear to work but does drink vast amounts of locally brewed beer and watches hockey.

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