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I’m Doing NaNoWriMo!

NaNo-2015-Participant-Badge-Large-SquareAnd I’ll probably fail as I have a lot to do in November, but Gold has been in my head, and it’s projected to be about 50K, so I’ll try to get some words in. Buddy me here if you like!

Also, two days left to get Bad Moon Rising on sale!

Halloween Sale!

Bad Moon Rising is on sale until October 31 for 99c for anyone looking for a quick, fun read about a sexy virgin werewolf and the woman he loves.

If the store you buy from hasn’t updated the sale price yet, check back in a few days!


BadMoonRising-webAbriella Simone doesn’t believe in tempting fate, but when she walks home after a costume party dressed as Little Red Riding Hood, she does just that. A werewolf is prowling the streets of her small home town and he’s big, bad, and out for blood. She escapes the encounter with her life but not without his infected bite.

He’s not the only wolf in the neighborhood, however. Abriella’s key into this new world is her childhood friend Maddox Black. At fourteen, he was whisked away from town to live deep in the mountains with his family. Seven years later, Abriella understands why: he’s a werewolf, living in secret with a pack nearly driven to extinction. Whether it’s the hungry beast rising within her or a child’s crush that’s blossomed into a woman’s desire, Abriella can’t resist Maddox’s draw.

When a pack elder reveals a cure for her condition exists, her relief is shortlived. For one, the cure requires the saliva of the mysterious wolf that bit her. Worse still, taking the cure will force her to give up Maddox forever.

Release Date: September 2013 (originally published May 2013)
Genre: IR (bwwm) paranormal romance
Length: novella (30K words or 95 pages)
Series: standalone
Format: ebook
Ebook Price: $2.99 $0.99 until 10/31!



Excerpt after the cut in case anyone wants a new one!


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New Pre-order: BEAST

Thank you so much to everyone who picked up Beauty and Snow and left reviews/told friends, and supported my work in other ways. I’m pleased to announce the fourth book in the series, Beast, is coming out December 4, 2015.

Beast on par with Snow as my favourite of the Midsummer Suspense Tales so far. The books in this series have been getting progressively darker, so my apologies to those who really liked the sweetness of Cinders but you’ll be finding that less and less. If you liked Sympathy for the Devil but weren’t into the D/s, you might like this one (although there is some light bondage, about on par with Snow).

This concludes my releases for 2015. I have a number on my plate for next year but Stray Cat Strut‘s performance was…honestly, probably my poorest selling book of anything I’ve published in nearly three years. I do have a few ideas to hopefully boost things, but in the meantime I’m once again shuffling things, trying to stagger poor-selling series books between better ones so I can get those last Cats & Conjure books out to readers. If Beast does okay, I’m hoping to swing back to Midsummer with Gold, which is going to be a bit of a mashup between Goldilocks and the Three Bears and Rumpelstiltskin.

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Without further ado, here you go!


BeastA scarred recluse hiding from his past… 

Joseph Li has lived in hiding since he was fifteen years old. The son of dangerous mob boss known as The Dragon, he sought a life of his own and paid the ultimate price, ending up horribly burned over half of his body. He escaped when the world–and his mother–assumed he died in the fire, but is not without scars. Physically, he’s disfigured; mentally, he trusts no one and has become a shut-in living in the fringes of small towns until local interest drives him away.

The beautiful young housekeeper who is more than she seems… 

Belladona Martin is a loyal employee of Seven Security, specializing in undercover work. When a local call girl comes to her for help after a prostitute turns up dead–one who worked at the Li mansion–with worries the scarred man living there killed her, Belle naturally takes the case. She slips into the persona of a housekeeper who provides “companionship” on the side, hoping to find evidence to convict the monster responsible for the crime.

Joseph believes he’s more beast than man, even as Belle’s presence gives him hope for redemption. But beyond the lies surrounding her identity that could destroy their budding relationship, a twenty-year-old secret is buried deep in Midsummer, one from Joseph’s past that might claim both their lives.

Release Date: December 4
Genre: IR (bwam) contemporary romantic suspense
Length: novel (60K words or 180 pages)
Series: Midsummer Suspense
Format: ebook & paperback
Ebook Price: $3.99
Print Price: $8.99

KindleAReNookKoboiBookstoreSmashwords – Paperback

Astute readers will recognize some names: Joseph was mentioned in Beauty, and Belladona was briefly in Snow. One of my favourite parts of writing these stories is getting to connect all the characters and weaving them from book to book–a few of the heroes and heroines from previous books make an appearance in this one (and…one couple is expecting!).

The paperback is now available!

Read on for a taste….

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Charity Auction

Hi all!

Right now there’s a charity auction going on with TONS of romance books (and other genres) to raise money for a woman fighting a rare type of colon cancer, to support her and her family during treatments. Bidding opens in a few hours and you can register now to get ready

Some of my books are up for grabs, too. You’ll fine The Book of Love as item #58, the first Cats & Conjure paperback as item #57, and then a combo pack of Wild Horses and Sympathy for the Devil as item #118 (so glad I still had copies of those around!). There is something for everyone–have a look and BID! It closes next Sunday, Oct 10th!

xo Asha