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BadMoonRising-webAbriella Simone doesn’t believe in tempting fate, but when she walks home after a costume party dressed as Little Red Riding Hood, she does just that. A werewolf is prowling the streets of her small home town and he’s big, bad, and out for blood. She escapes the encounter with her life but not without his infected bite.

He’s not the only wolf in the neighborhood, however. Abriella’s key into this new world is her childhood friend Maddox Black. At fourteen, he was whisked away from town to live deep in the mountains with his family. Seven years later, Abriella understands why: he’s a werewolf, living in secret with a pack nearly driven to extinction. Whether it’s the hungry beast rising within her or a child’s crush that’s blossomed into a woman’s desire, Abriella can’t resist Maddox’s draw.

When a pack elder reveals a cure for her condition exists, her relief is shortlived. For one, the cure requires the saliva of the mysterious wolf that bit her. Worse still, taking the cure will force her to give up Maddox forever.

Release Date: September 2013 (originally published May 2013)
Genre: IR (bwwm) paranormal romance
Length: novella (30K words or 95 pages)
Series: standalone
Format: ebook
Ebook Price: $2.99 $0.99 until 10/31!



Excerpt after the cut in case anyone wants a new one!


Outside, Maddox had an old blue Chevy pickup parked in front of Bad Moon Rising. The passenger door creaked loudly when he opened it. She climbed inside while he went around for the front.

For a moment she leaned her head back on the seat and closed her eyes. The vehicle was warm—warmer than outside. Maybe it was the confined space but she could smell more. A touch of the forest—pine and dirt. The murky scent of a quiet creek. And a distinct male musk, spicy and welcoming. A contented growl settled in her chest—

The pickup rocked as Maddox opened his door and climbed inside, and Abriella sat up sharply, glancing around. She was losing it. Smells? Growling? What the hell?

“I think,” she began slowly, “I should go to the hospital. It’s a bit farther than my place, but I’d appreciate it.”

He turned the keys in the ignition, eyes darting between his mirrors as he backed out. “If that’s what you want.”

His voice sounded off, and nervousness rose in her even as she tried to quell it. She watched him warily, bracing. Bad Moon Rising faded in her peripheral vision as he drove down the road.

Even as she tried to keep calm, the headache pushed at her again. She winced, closing her eyes to block out the light. “Yeah, definitely hospit—”

Brie shrieked suddenly, arching back and pain ripped through her. Hot tears rolled from her closed eyes and her lips remained parted, releasing gasping cries.

“Hold on,” Maddox said, his voice warm but distant, sounding like it came through a tunnel.

It was too much. Claws stabbed behind her eyes, dug into her brain. She thrashed, kicked, back arching and snapping. Her bones hummed, shifted, ground together, and her heart hammered hard enough she thought it might stop—might just give up all together. Thoughts left her, words left her—she could do nothing but cry out.

The pickup jerked to a halt, hands on her arms, pulling her against a warm body. “You’re okay, you’re okay—”

No, she most certainly was not okay. But for a moment the tension in her dropped and she relaxed, sagging against his strong chest. Maddox’s arms were around her and she didn’t fight it, her head against his heart where it beat rhythmically, calming her through. She panted, her lips dry. Water would be good. And more painkillers. And more—

Wait. Where are we stopped?

Abriella cracked open her eyes. Sunlight pierced them, glinting through the windows and off the hood of the pickup. She peered at their surroundings.

They were no longer in town.

Trees on either side of the narrow road. No other cars. Somewhere out in the country and well past the hospital.

Her body iced over in terror. When she pulled away from him, he held her for a moment longer then relaxed his arms, letting her shift away from him.

Sweat stuck to her forehead, her neck, and she swiped her hair back from it. She took several more panicked breaths and eyed him. “Why aren’t we at the hospital?”

Maddox said nothing and she couldn’t decipher anything from his dark eyes. While he didn’t reach for her again, she felt blindly for the door handle.

That, he definitely caught, and reacted to. “Just calm down, Brie—”

“Don’t fucking tell me to be calm! Where the hell is the hospital?”

“It’s going to be okay—”

Shit, he was nuts. Completely crazy and she’d locked her fool self in the truck with him!

She jerked the handle. He reached for her but missed as she tumbled out of the vehicle and landed hard on the grassy shoulder of the road. She scrambled, half running, half crawling, into the ditch and onto the other side, climbing up a slope.

There was nothing out here. Just trees stretching in the distance, dark forests that promised the only chance of losing him would mean getting lost herself.

Still, she got her feet under her and bolted forward, trampling through tall grass.

“Brie!” he shouted behind her but she ignored him, focusing on the path ahead.

For a moment she was nearly paralyzed, remembrance rising of darting through the park, being chased by—

Don’t think. Just run.

And so she did.

She made a break for the line of trees, slipped between them and into semi-darkness—a canopy of leaves overhead blocked out most of the sun, allowing her to see better. She leapt over a fallen log and low-hanging branches grasped at her hair. Though she was sure he was at her back, she resisted the urge to glance over her shoulder, focusing ahead.

This far out, she had no idea if there were any houses around, or anyone who might help. Maybe—

And again the pain came, squeezing her skull in a vise. She slowed, stumbled, and doubled over. It was too much to run and keep her eyes open and she leaned against a tree, panting and aching, struggling to remain upright.

Rustling leaves and breaking twigs drew her attention and her gaze shot around. She was all turned around and couldn’t see the road anymore—where was he? She sucked in a breath and held back against the tree, listening.

Wind rushed over her, carrying a scent—spice, cloves. Maddox. Her heart seized and she looked in the direction the wind blew.

Maddox slipped through the trees, eyes on hers.

Abriella braced. “Leave me alone!”

He paused about fifteen feet away, hands raised and fingers splayed. “It’s going to be okay.”

She said nothing.

“I can show you what’s happening to you.”

What’s happening to me? Her lips parted to yell back but she couldn’t force the words out. Some small voice deep inside her whispered, “Yes”—like it knew what he had to say and begged her to listen.

Abriella tensed and held her breath as he, of all things, pulled off his T-shirt. She nearly made a snarky comment and perhaps she should’ve—perhaps it would’ve made her feel more like herself, a jolt of normal in a very surreal situation. Her eyes roamed his body almost absently, over broad shoulders and thick muscles, nicely tanned skin and a smattering of dark hair over his chest. She might’ve blushed from her obvious gaping but was oddly mesmerized, something primal clawing its way through her to speak.


She blinked, snapping out of it, and blood rushed from her face as he started unbuttoning his jeans.

Seeing him naked might’ve been high on her list of preferred sights but later. Like, after a few dates. Not after he practically abducted her.

She moved around the tree and flung herself forward, grasping another tree to keep her steady, moving in the opposite direction from him. But she was woozy, still, moving slowly. He’d catch up. He’d catch up and—

A dark shape moved in her peripheral vision, skimming through the trees. A dog, maybe?

She froze as it stepped in front of her, six feet away.

Not a dog. A large, smoky gray wolf.

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