Burnout Is Real

The usual “Yes, I have books in progress!” post, although this time, an explanation: burnout.

I’m exhausted.

I kept up a pretty steady release schedule in 2015 and only managed a couple in 2016 before I burned out. 2017 saw only one release. I’m trying to finish up the Cats & Conjure series right now, and despite them being novella length (30K words, or 100 pages), I’ve been picking at once since November without much luck. My focus is shot. Words don’t work in my brain let alone come out on the page. And most of all, I dread sitting down to work.

It happens to all writers, I know, but it’s unpleasant nonetheless.

Then there’s the added issue of no releases = very low royalties = I can’t afford the time away from the day job to focus on writing. It’s probably just as well as I’m not certain how much I could actually produce right now.

I wish I was the kind of writer who could keep up a frenetic schedule as I tried to before, but I don’t think it’s feasible. I’m toying with the idea of trying something a little new and different maybe in the summer.

As of right now, my immediate writing plans:

  • finish and publish Cat’s in the Cradle
  • finish and publish Year of the Cat (thereby finishing Addie and Erik’s story)

Mostly because I hate having that series unfinished.

I think I’ll extend my break a little longer with Midsummer Suspense Tales–I still love those books with all my heart, but I need to let the Rapunzel story, Bound, simmer in my brain for a while–and either write a standalone or try something new.

Thank you to those of you continually checking in with my site. I’m sorry I don’t have an announcement yet, but hopefully this explains my absence.



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Asha King likes good-looking men and hot books, and often strives to combine the two in contemporary, paranormal, and suspenseful romantic stories. She lives in the exotic land of Alberta, Canada, where she doesn’t ride a polar bear to work but does drink vast amounts of locally brewed beer and watches hockey.


  1. Thanks for the update! I hate the you’re experiencing burnout, as it seems like writing is something you enjoy doing. Keep listening to what your brain/creative juices are telling you and if that means a bit longer before any books so be it. I’ve really enjoyed reading all of your books so I’ll be patiently waiting for whatever you publish next. 🙂

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