Cat’s in the Cradle Pre-order

The cats are back!

This is the penultimate novella of Erik and Addie’s journey and it’s for sale as of September 28 2018.

Because of the gap between Alley Cat and this one, there will be a recap available for download here the day of release. There is one more novella to follow–Year of the Cat–and I do not have an ETA on that one yet, but I’m hoping for soon.

Besides the burnout previous noted, I had more than a few snarky comments accusing me of “forgetting” this series or deliberately leaving readers hanging.

Let me assure you, nothing could be further from the truth. I had back to back years of a high number of releases when I first left my publisher, pretty severe writer burnout, illnesses and deaths in the family over a short period of time (fuck cancer)…and then accusations that I’m merely mucking around “forgetting” about these stories and characters? Nope. No one is more bothered by unfinished series than me. Every time I sit down to work, thoughts of what I have unfinished weighs on me to the point my anxiety gets unbearable. Readers can feel how they like about the books–hate them, delete them from your Kindle, burn the paperbacks–and it’s none of my business, but “I guess our dear author just forgot about the series” (not an exact quote but close) is unnecessary. Books get done when they get done. Beating myself doesn’t finish them any faster, as I’ve had to learn, and I don’t need to be made to feel any more guilty.

Pleasant “Hey, I love these stories–when’s the next one out?” was totally appreciated! It’s heartening to know the stories are enjoyed and anticipated. And to those of you who have been so patient and understanding, I thank you, and I am SO SO SORRY for the length of time between releases. I’ve learned my lesson about series work and, as much as I love the serialized format for Cats & Conjure, it is not likely to be an experiment I repeat.

Without further ado, here’s a reminder of what’s in store for Erik and Addie in this installment:

Conjurer Adelaide Deveraux not only has guardians assembled to protect her Sanctuary but has once again been reunited with her once-dead true love, tiger-shifter Erik Wells.

They’ll need more than a handful of shaman and shifters to protect them this time, however—an even greater foe has risen in Deddeh, a monstrous woman who is capable of sucking the magic and lifeforce from others. If she can gain Addie’s power, it could elevate her to god-like status, bringing out old enemies of the Sanctuary who will eradicate anyone for the greater good.

And with their first child on the way, Erik and Addie have more than ever to lose…

Release Date: September 28, 2018
Genre: IR (bwwm) paranormal romance
Length: 35 000 words (or 110 pages)
Series: Cats & Conjure #5
Format: ebook
Ebook Price: $2.99

Special announcement: THIS BOOK OFFICIALLY ANSWERS A BUNCH OF LONG-RUNNING SERIES QUESTIONS! What’s with all the cats around Addie? Who is the mysterious woman who has been advising her and Erik, both IRL and in visions? What is the true nature of Addie’s power? You find out in this one!

As I said, the final book will follow hopefully by the end of the year/early next. There’ll be a boxset of 4-6 in ebook and paperback, followed by the complete series compiled late next year. There may or may not be a spin-off book–we’ll see!


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  1. Love your books sometimes we readers forget that most independent authors have other pay the bil jobs n their own life issues/struggles. Keep writing at your own pace I prefer a well written book then something rushed just to finish a series waiting on the next midsummer tales/circle of friends/stirling falls releases basically every series you write

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