Cats & Conjure: Now in Print

Cats&ConjureVolI-lgThis was planned for October but I got the edits back on Stray Cat Strut, so managed to put together the print book. You can now get the first three novellas in the Cats & Conjure series in paperback. It’s on Amazon here.

It’s $11.49 and around 95 000 words or 320 pages. A second print volume will follow with the final three novellas release, hopefully next year.


Well, it’s been a year and a half (I am sorry to fans of this series) but the third Cats & Conjure novella, Stray Cat Strut, is now up for pre-order.

It releases September 18, 2015. Once again it’s around 100 pages, the length of the others. And yes, it has another cliffhanger, although a huge part of the main plot is resolved in this one. Addie and Erik will be back in the fourth novella, Alley Cat, which will likely release early next year. This series unfortunately isn’t a big seller for me and needs all the support it can get–if you like the novellas, please consider leaving them a review and/or telling a friend (and for God’s sake, stop pirating them if you would like them to release faster).

Cats in Heat and Cat Scratch Fever will both be on sale for 99c each for the month leading up to Stray Cat Strut‘s release, so if you haven’t started reading these books, you can wait until then and get them really cheap.

If you HAVE read the series and need a recap, I’ll be offering that for download on my blog when Stray Cat Strut releases.

Here are the details:


Adelaide Deveraux has escaped her enemy’s compound along with her tiger-shifter lover, Erik Wells, but the home that had once been her sanctuary is now gone, burned to the ground and leaving them with no choice but to go on the run.

At least Erik knows a thing or two about running; he’s been doing it for most of his life, and he’s determined to keep Addie safe. Between their handful of allies and Addie’s growing magic, he thinks they just might have enough resources to survive, and, for the first time in his life, sees a future for himself and the woman he loves.

But the powerful sorcerer on their tail has more than owning Addie in his sights. Now he’s also out for revenge and not everyone will make it out alive…

Release Date: September 18, 2015
Genre: IR (bwwm) paranormal romance
Length: 32 000 words (or 100 pages)
Series: Cats & Conjure #3
Format: ebook
Ebook Price: $2.99
For those who prefer print, the entire first series of Cats & Conjure–which includes the first three novellas–will be released by October.

New Site + New(ish) Releases

If you’re a regular visitor, you may have noticed things are a bit different. I’m no longer at blogspot but have a new website. All the previous posts have been copied over. There are still some kinks to work out but this is it! I hope you like it and find it easy to navigate; I’m quite pleased with it.

My newest release came out a few weeks ago–a full-length novel called THE BOOK OF LOVE about a cranky divorced romance writer and his determined new editor. It was a lot of fun to write and thus far readers seem to enjoy it, which is always a relief.

On July 10, the first Midsummer Suspense Tales boxset will be released–CINDERS, BEAUTY, and SNOW have been collected all as one. It’s available for pre-order at: KindleAReNookKoboiBookstore

AK-StarterBundle1-kindleAfter that, on August 14, I’m releasing the Asha King Starter Bundle as another boxset–this is three of my series first books collected together in one release. Not something the average fan needs but hopefully it’ll get some new eyes on my work. If you’ve missed those books and want to save several bucks, there you go. WILD HORSES (retail $3.99), CATS IN HEAT (retail $2.99), and CINDERS (retail $2.99) for $4.99 total.

Release Date: Aguust 14, 2015
Genre: IR (bwwm) romantic suspense and paranormal romance
Length: a novel and two long novellas (117K words or 355 pages)
Series: Stirling Falls, Cats & Conjure, Midsummer Suspense
Format: ebook



What I’m Working On

As I mentioned on Facebook the other night, I’m working on Cats & Conjure #3 right now, STRAY CAT STRUT. It has a blurb, a cover, and an outline, and now I just need to finish writing it.

There are three more novellas planned in that series (you will understand when you see how #3 ends), however I will have to stagger the books between others because the previous one didn’t sell well and I can’t afford to spend that much time away from books that DO make okay money. Thank you to those who purchase my books and I’m sorry for the gap between releases. When STRAY CAT STRUT is ready, I’ll maybe write up a recap of the previous two for longtime readers as a refresher.

It’s back to work for me. Thank you again for the suppotr!

Coming Soon: CINDERS (& Other News)

Well, it’s been seven months since I’ve had a new release.

I have a lot in progress and I was hoping THE BOOK OF LOVE would be out by now, but it’s not just books on my plate; there’s a lot going on at home, a lot of changes, losses in the family, and a long novel is really tough for me right now.

Then along came CINDERS.

It’s the first of a few interconnected romantic suspense tales–entirely contemporary, no paranormal–very loosely based on fairy tales. Writer friend Darien Cox (if you’re into M/M you must check out his books) encouraged me to go for it and I’m having a blast. The next one, BEAUTY, will follow soon (hopefully). From there, it’ll depend on sales to see when I can get some work in.

And that, there, is the reality of things. Some books sell well.

Some don’t.

STRAY CAT STRUT was originally scheduled to be written and released by Feb/Mar, but CAT SCRATCH FEVER didn’t sell well enough for me to take the time off of work to write the next novella, hence seven months between releases. I’m hoping the Midsummer Suspense Tales will buy me a bit of time to complete some projects, including Cats & Conjure. If you purchase my books, thank you so much, and I’m sorry for the delay but I’m doing the best I can.

CINDERS is currently with my editor and I’ll update soon with release details. Although it’s a longer novella–37 000 words, or 120 pages or so–and not a full long novel, there’s a chance I might do print as well (I *really* want a set of the Midsummer covers on my shelf).

The sad girl he never forgot… 

Things haven’t been the same since the death of Gina Cassidy’s father. It thrust her under the rule of her cruel stepmother and turned the family bakery into something unrecognizable. But now Gina’s an adult, not a frightened child, and she has a plan: figure out what secrets her stepmother has been hiding and how it relates to her father’s death once and for all.

The complication she doesn’t need but desperately wants… 

When wealthy, reformed troublemaker Brennen Prescott weaves his way into her life, her desire for a different future—her desire for him—can’t be denied, even if it upsets the fragile balance around her. But getting close to Brennen puts more than her carefully laid plans in jeopardy: his life will be in danger if she can’t unravel her own dark family secrets in time to save him.


Cats & Conjure – New Release and Sale

From now until next Tuesday, the first Cats & Conjure book–Cats in Heat–will be on sale for 99c. This price has taken effect at Smashwords, ARe, and will be live shortly on Kindle.

This is to promote the new sequel, Cat Scratch Fever, which is up on Kindle a little early and is on preorder discount at ARe for one more day.

If you get a chance to check out Cat Scratch Fever, I really hope you like it. Stray Cat Strut (book #3) is on my plate for the new year.

Thank you for reading and happy holidays!