WILD HORSES – Links to Buy

It’s live on all the different resellers now, so here are some links for you:

Phaze Books: You get a zipped folder with all the formats you could want or need (PRC, MOBI, HTML, EPUB, PDF). Also in print there now (with Near to You included as a bonus).

Amazon: for your Kindle (print coming soon).

B&N: for your Nook (print coming soon).

AllRomanceeBooks: your choice of ereader format.

Wild Horses isn’t a novella like my other releases–it’s a short novel (over three times the length of, say, Near to You), which is why it’s $4.99. It has lots of sexy times, slightly less vanilla than my other work. I’m nervously awaiting both reader feedback and eventual royalty reports, as there are two more Stirling Falls books planned (and contracted), but my first foray into erotic novel writing took a LOT out of me (coupled with sending takedown notices for my other work–folks, please encourage your friends not to pirate, as it’s very disheartening), so I’ll see if it’s worth continuing. I do hope so! It was lots of fun to spend more time with the characters–and come up with ways to keep the nudity interesting after a few times. 😉

I hope you get a chance to pick it up and enjoy!


New Release: How Can You Mend a Broken Heart?

How Can You Mend a Broken Heart?
A Circle of Friends Novella

Joshua Lee Merrill has been a playboy for years, never content to settle and convinced there’s no such thing as “the right one”—just “the right now.” For a while, his friends thought he had the perfect woman—until she summarily dumped him and gave his ego a severe thrashing. His group of friends are there to help with his broken heart…but it’s his old pal Derica who suddenly has him hot with desire.

Derica Washington nursed a crush on her friend J.L. for years while he went through a string of girlfriends and never gave her a second look. But now he’s broken-hearted, alone, and his sights are set on her at last. She’s determined not to give in to him, though turning the love ’em and leave ’em attitude on him is tempting. And it can’t hurt to indulge this once…can it?

You can get *all* your preferred formats at various resellers for your ereader of choice.

Phaze Books: http://phaze.com/book.php?title=How+Can+You+Mend+a+Broken+Heart%3F

Kindle: http://www.amazon.com/How-Mend-Broken-Heart-ebook/dp/B0081LEHG8/

All Romance eBooks: http://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-howcanyoumendabrokenheart-789250-168.html

I was very nervous about this release–it’s the first of three connected novellas (as you might guess from the titles, I was listening to a lot of old Al Green songs at the time), and I hope readers enjoy!

NEAR TO YOU Now Available!

My debut novella is now available from Phaze Books!


It’s just $2.99 and available in various formats for your ereader or PC such as PDF (so there is no need to pirate, the pair of you here looking), EPUB, PRC, MOBI, and HTML.

Coming soon on other ebook sellers.

I hope you enjoy!