Cat’s in the Cradle Pre-order

The cats are back!

This is the penultimate novella of Erik and Addie’s journey and it’s for sale as of September 28 2018.

Because of the gap between Alley Cat and this one, there will be a recap available for download here the day of release. There is one more novella to follow–Year of the Cat–and I do not have an ETA on that one yet, but I’m hoping for soon.

Besides the burnout previous noted, I had more than a few snarky comments accusing me of “forgetting” this series or deliberately leaving readers hanging.

Let me assure you, nothing could be further from the truth. I had back to back years of a high number of releases when I first left my publisher, pretty severe writer burnout, illnesses and deaths in the family over a short period of time (fuck cancer)…and then accusations that I’m merely mucking around “forgetting” about these stories and characters? Nope. No one is more bothered by unfinished series than me. Every time I sit down to work, thoughts of what I have unfinished weighs on me to the point my anxiety gets unbearable. Readers can feel how they like about the books–hate them, delete them from your Kindle, burn the paperbacks–and it’s none of my business, but “I guess our dear author just forgot about the series” (not an exact quote but close) is unnecessary. Books get done when they get done. Beating myself doesn’t finish them any faster, as I’ve had to learn, and I don’t need to be made to feel any more guilty.

Pleasant “Hey, I love these stories–when’s the next one out?” was totally appreciated! It’s heartening to know the stories are enjoyed and anticipated. And to those of you who have been so patient and understanding, I thank you, and I am SO SO SORRY for the length of time between releases. I’ve learned my lesson about series work and, as much as I love the serialized format for Cats & Conjure, it is not likely to be an experiment I repeat.

Without further ado, here’s a reminder of what’s in store for Erik and Addie in this installment:

Conjurer Adelaide Deveraux not only has guardians assembled to protect her Sanctuary but has once again been reunited with her once-dead true love, tiger-shifter Erik Wells.

They’ll need more than a handful of shaman and shifters to protect them this time, however—an even greater foe has risen in Deddeh, a monstrous woman who is capable of sucking the magic and lifeforce from others. If she can gain Addie’s power, it could elevate her to god-like status, bringing out old enemies of the Sanctuary who will eradicate anyone for the greater good.

And with their first child on the way, Erik and Addie have more than ever to lose…

Release Date: September 28, 2018
Genre: IR (bwwm) paranormal romance
Length: 35 000 words (or 110 pages)
Series: Cats & Conjure #5
Format: ebook
Ebook Price: $2.99

Special announcement: THIS BOOK OFFICIALLY ANSWERS A BUNCH OF LONG-RUNNING SERIES QUESTIONS! What’s with all the cats around Addie? Who is the mysterious woman who has been advising her and Erik, both IRL and in visions? What is the true nature of Addie’s power? You find out in this one!

As I said, the final book will follow hopefully by the end of the year/early next. There’ll be a boxset of 4-6 in ebook and paperback, followed by the complete series compiled late next year. There may or may not be a spin-off book–we’ll see!


New Preorder: LOST (Midsummer Suspense Tales #6)

Return to the sleepy hamlet of Midsummer for another fairytale-inspired romantic suspense tale! (Hansel and Gretel this time!)

A single father’s worst nightmare has come to pass…

Clive Yates has been a single father for the past five years, raising his young kids on his own after their mother abandoned them. But his whole world is shattered the moment they’re taken, and the police inform him the M.O. resembles that of a long-dormant serial killer of children. The dangerous forest outside of Midsummer is massive, and with no idea where to search, he fears his kids might not be found in time. But there is one person who has seen the killer’s face, a girl who escaped with her brother so many years ago.

She survived what no child should ever suffer…

Fifteen years ago, Greta Weaver and her foster brother were abducted and brought to a cabin of horrors deep in the forest. They escaped, but just barely, both with scars that have made growing up difficult. She’s tried to make a life for herself outside her childhood town, though nightmares plague her sleep and she’s kept herself isolated. Her abductor—almost killer—was never caught, and part of her always remained lost in those woods, afraid of what would happen if he found her.

When Clive comes to her for help, she just wants to hide from the world, but can’t bear the thought of seeing a parent lose his children. She’ll have to confront her fears–and her past–if Clive is ever going to see his kids again.


Release Date: March 24, 2017
Genre: IR (bwwm) contemporary romantic suspense
Length: short novel (45K words or 150 pages)
Series: Midsummer Suspense
Format: ebook & paperback
Ebook Price: $3.99
Print Price: $8.99


(That Nook link will be working in a couple of days.)


Hopefully by the time this one releases, I’ll have my next release up for preorder as well–I’m trying to focus on some standalone works for a bit. I’ll revisit Midsummer for the final trilogy toward the end of the year or early next.

New Pre-order: ALLEY CAT

The cats are back!

The fourth Cats & Conjure story is on its way in March.

To those who kindly didn’t send me hatemail for the ending of Stray Cat Strut: THANK YOU. I was tremendously proud of the ending of that story, as sad as it was, and I didn’t want anyone to wait another year for the next one. As I’ve said before, sales are always low with these ones, so I have to squeeze them in between other releases. There are two final books coming, hopefully by the end of the year, and then there’ll be a print collection of the final volume.

Here are the details!

4-AlleyCatAdelaide Deveraux has at last come into her powers, but her gifts have come with a price: she has lost the love of her life. Now surrounded by allies but still utterly alone, she’s seeking to build a new Sanctuary and provide shelter for those who need it, even though none of it will heal her broken heart.

Tiger-shifter Erik Wells was willing to sacrifice everything to save Addie from the psychopathic sorcerer after her, including his life. But despite paying the ultimate price and annihilating their enemy once and for all, he still isn’t at peace. Some greater power is seeking to resurrect Erik, willing to move heaven and hell to see him breathe again. Whether that power is good or evil, he doesn’t know, and he’s running out of time as something’s hunting him in the underworld, seeking to destroy his very soul.

Release Date: March 4, 2016
Genre: IR (bwwm) paranormal romance
Length: 30 000 words (or 100 pages)
Series: Cats & Conjure #4
Format: ebook
Ebook Price: $2.99
I’m also halfway through the next Midsummer Suspense Tale, Gold, so stay tuned for that in the spring (and news about the future of the Midsummer Suspense series)!

New Pre-order: BEAST

Thank you so much to everyone who picked up Beauty and Snow and left reviews/told friends, and supported my work in other ways. I’m pleased to announce the fourth book in the series, Beast, is coming out December 4, 2015.

Beast on par with Snow as my favourite of the Midsummer Suspense Tales so far. The books in this series have been getting progressively darker, so my apologies to those who really liked the sweetness of Cinders but you’ll be finding that less and less. If you liked Sympathy for the Devil but weren’t into the D/s, you might like this one (although there is some light bondage, about on par with Snow).

This concludes my releases for 2015. I have a number on my plate for next year but Stray Cat Strut‘s performance was…honestly, probably my poorest selling book of anything I’ve published in nearly three years. I do have a few ideas to hopefully boost things, but in the meantime I’m once again shuffling things, trying to stagger poor-selling series books between better ones so I can get those last Cats & Conjure books out to readers. If Beast does okay, I’m hoping to swing back to Midsummer with Gold, which is going to be a bit of a mashup between Goldilocks and the Three Bears and Rumpelstiltskin.

Please subscribe to my blog or my newsletter for announcements on my next projects, and thank you for reading!

Without further ado, here you go!


BeastA scarred recluse hiding from his past… 

Joseph Li has lived in hiding since he was fifteen years old. The son of dangerous mob boss known as The Dragon, he sought a life of his own and paid the ultimate price, ending up horribly burned over half of his body. He escaped when the world–and his mother–assumed he died in the fire, but is not without scars. Physically, he’s disfigured; mentally, he trusts no one and has become a shut-in living in the fringes of small towns until local interest drives him away.

The beautiful young housekeeper who is more than she seems… 

Belladona Martin is a loyal employee of Seven Security, specializing in undercover work. When a local call girl comes to her for help after a prostitute turns up dead–one who worked at the Li mansion–with worries the scarred man living there killed her, Belle naturally takes the case. She slips into the persona of a housekeeper who provides “companionship” on the side, hoping to find evidence to convict the monster responsible for the crime.

Joseph believes he’s more beast than man, even as Belle’s presence gives him hope for redemption. But beyond the lies surrounding her identity that could destroy their budding relationship, a twenty-year-old secret is buried deep in Midsummer, one from Joseph’s past that might claim both their lives.

Release Date: December 4
Genre: IR (bwam) contemporary romantic suspense
Length: novel (60K words or 180 pages)
Series: Midsummer Suspense
Format: ebook & paperback
Ebook Price: $3.99
Print Price: $8.99

KindleAReNookKoboiBookstoreSmashwords – Paperback

Astute readers will recognize some names: Joseph was mentioned in Beauty, and Belladona was briefly in Snow. One of my favourite parts of writing these stories is getting to connect all the characters and weaving them from book to book–a few of the heroes and heroines from previous books make an appearance in this one (and…one couple is expecting!).

The paperback is now available!

Read on for a taste….

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Well, it’s been a year and a half (I am sorry to fans of this series) but the third Cats & Conjure novella, Stray Cat Strut, is now up for pre-order.

It releases September 18, 2015. Once again it’s around 100 pages, the length of the others. And yes, it has another cliffhanger, although a huge part of the main plot is resolved in this one. Addie and Erik will be back in the fourth novella, Alley Cat, which will likely release early next year. This series unfortunately isn’t a big seller for me and needs all the support it can get–if you like the novellas, please consider leaving them a review and/or telling a friend (and for God’s sake, stop pirating them if you would like them to release faster).

Cats in Heat and Cat Scratch Fever will both be on sale for 99c each for the month leading up to Stray Cat Strut‘s release, so if you haven’t started reading these books, you can wait until then and get them really cheap.

If you HAVE read the series and need a recap, I’ll be offering that for download on my blog when Stray Cat Strut releases.

Here are the details:


Adelaide Deveraux has escaped her enemy’s compound along with her tiger-shifter lover, Erik Wells, but the home that had once been her sanctuary is now gone, burned to the ground and leaving them with no choice but to go on the run.

At least Erik knows a thing or two about running; he’s been doing it for most of his life, and he’s determined to keep Addie safe. Between their handful of allies and Addie’s growing magic, he thinks they just might have enough resources to survive, and, for the first time in his life, sees a future for himself and the woman he loves.

But the powerful sorcerer on their tail has more than owning Addie in his sights. Now he’s also out for revenge and not everyone will make it out alive…

Release Date: September 18, 2015
Genre: IR (bwwm) paranormal romance
Length: 32 000 words (or 100 pages)
Series: Cats & Conjure #3
Format: ebook
Ebook Price: $2.99
For those who prefer print, the entire first series of Cats & Conjure–which includes the first three novellas–will be released by October.