Circle of Friends

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A Note About This Series…

I get a lot of inquiries about this series and when the other two novellas will release.

When I wrote for a publisher, I tried to keep my work shorter so that they could be priced lower for my readers. Unfortunately, a lot of readers object to shorter works. I have been debating since 2013, when I got my rights back from my publisher, reworking the first book into a category-length novel. It’s still something I’m considering but, at this point, it would be a huge undertaking and right now I want to spend my time on the romantic suspense series I’ve started. If I do decide to rework the first book to be longer, it’ll involve re-outlining the sequels and scrapping what I’ve already written on them. This means that, at this time, all I can say is that this series is still in development and I’ll update as soon as I’m able. I am very sorry for those who have been waiting patiently for more Circle of Friends stories.